Eric Krueger

Unblocking 101

Credit to a former coworker at Indeed, who originally laid out this strategy to me. I use it all the time.

When you are blocked by something, how do you get it unblocked? This simple 4-step strategy continues to be really effective.

  1. Find out who has the authority to solve your problem.
  2. Explain to them context/why it is important.
  3. Ask them politely for help.
  4. Follow-up.

Generally, when things are blocked it is because:

  1. The person you’re asking doesn’t have authority or know-how to resolve the issue.
  2. The person doesn’t have the context of why it’s important.
  3. The person is avoiding or punishing you for being annoying/rude/disruptive.
  4. The person got too busy and forgot.

The steps above attempt to resolve that issue.


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