Eric Krueger

this is an invite to Ricky's birthday if you're confused - details below


Date: June 22, 2024 (Saturday) | Time: 7pm - late | Location: 3114 S Congress Ave, Austin TX 78704

Please join Ricky and Eric for a convivial evening to celebrate Ricky's 29th birthday! We'll be serving some fun and unique non-alcoholic drinks and snacks (but eat dinner before). Starts promptly at 7, and ends late (like, babysitter-type-late).

Dress Code: Pick your favorite album cover as outfit inspo (and be prepared to explain yourself1)! There could be something special for the most creative outfit.

Parking: Walking, biking, or public transport is encouraged (the St. Edwards bus stop is just a few blocks away)! Otherwise, there’s street parking on Coleman.

Gifts: No gifts, your presents2 is enough.

RSVP Below (detailed directions for access to Eric's place will be sent out the day of)

  1. How close did you look at the picture on this invite? Did you notice how creative the album covers are? Bonus points if you can name all the albums Ricky is imitating at the party!

  2. Hehe, get it? Presents? In all seriousness, Ricky does really enjoy gifts - and if you do decide to break the rules and bring one - he will judge your friendship on the quality.