Eric Krueger

Cookie Smatter
A vegan and gluten free cookie that doesn't suck. Made with organic ingredients.

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Where Did The Name Come From?

Cookie Smatter started as a gorilla marketing campaign. I was thinking up ways to get people to subscribe to my (excellent) newsletter - Word Smatter (which, if you haven't already, you should subscribe ☺️). The logo and name are inspired from that. Plus, "cookie dough" and "smatter" just sorta feel like they belong together for some reason, right?

Can I Follow You On Social Media?

Nope - this site is all you get. And listen: it's a cookie. What could a cookie possibly have to say on social media1?

Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free? This Must Be Really Healthy For You, Yea?

Nope, those words don't always mean healthy - two of the primary ingredients are sugar and coconut oil! What those words do mean, though, is that is that you can pronounce all the ingredients. At the end of the day, this cookie is still a dessert - so treat yo self.

What Is the Nutrition Info, Then?

It's a homemade cookie so each cookie will be a little different; however, if you're calorie counting, below is an estimate of the nutrition info in a familiar format.

Cookie Smatter

Can I Order From You Directly? In Bulk? For Events?

Yes, yes, and yes. Just shoot me an email and we can figure out the details.

  1. I mean, at some point (maybe if I make it really, really big and end up on Shark Tank or something); I'll update this with our social media handle (and if that ever happens Wendy's savage tweets will be my guiding star).