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Stop Making Word Salads - Be Brief

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Brevity signals intelligence; being wordy says: I don't know what I'm talking about at its best, and I'm hiding something from you at its worst. Brevity is confidence, length is fear.

Saying More Is Easy

When you flood your audience with everything, you're outsourcing the decision on what's important to them. This says either:

Instead, tell them directly (and succinctly).

Succinctness is a Skill

The fewer the words, the more important each one becomes. A message succinctly delivered signals intelligence because it requires:

And, be aware of these common excuses:

Write, speak, and present succinctly1. Your audience will thank you.

Here's How


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  1. Unless you're writing poetry, sparkling prose, or a novel - in that case, write to your heart's content!

  2. Smart Brevity inspired this piece. You should read it, but also read about its limitations, then strike a balance between simplification and nuance based on the medium and the audience.

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