Eric Krueger

Date: October 20, 2023 | Time: 7pm - 11pm | Location: 3114 S Congress Ave, Austin TX 78704

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Join Emily and me as well as a few of our close friends and coworkers for a trip-around-the-sun celebration / cocktail hour at our home. No need to bring anything except yourself. There will be assorted drinks (alcoholic and otherwise), and some snacks too. Starts promptly at 7, and ends late - get a babysitter!

Dress Code: “Unleash the Unworn”: Put on that one outfit that you have in your closet that you’re dying to wear somewhere but just haven’t had the right opportunity. If you don’t have one of those - pick something that’s interesting.

Parking: Walking, biking, or public transport is encouraged (the St. Edwards bus stop is just a few blocks away)! Otherwise, there’s street parking on Coleman.

Gifts: Don’t bring me a gift.

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t take no for an answer and you reallllly want to bring a gift, just please don’t make me kill any more plants with my single north facing condo window. 😢 (Also I have enough coffee mugs to use a brand new one each day until I die).

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